Learn to Play

Guides to using games in the classroom. Get started or level up!

Remember what it was like to play?

Take blocks, for example. Blocks allowed us to make towers as tall as they could go before crashing to the ground. Picking up the fallen pieces to start again, you considered where it all went wrong. Could you have made the tower taller? More structurally sound? Gathering your blocks for a second attempt, you’ve now unlocked new ways to engage, learn, and have fun. How can we use games to provide direct connection back to the subjects and topics we are trying to teach students? How do we bridge this illusionary divide between playing and learning in today’s classrooms?

Play is how we learn best.

When we explore good games, feedback is immediate and challenges are adaptive—the connection between play and learning becomes clear. A world of games exists to support learning, not just in the traditional “learning games” arena, until now. Welcome to Playful Learning, a nationwide initiative that invites us to innovate through the use of games in education.