Subject Guide: English Language Arts

A growing number of games exist that target literacy skills.

Games are a form of storytelling, and many commercial games involve a surprising amount of reading. Innovative educators are using these to explore characters, plots and settings in exciting ways.

But if you’re looking for products that have been designed specifically for literacy education, you’re also in luck. A growing number of great games and simulations have been created to explicitly address English Language Arts standards.

Our top picks include games that have successfully matched interesting play mechanics with learning objectives, such as constructing a persuasive argument, presenting evidence to support a claim and building vocabulary.


Top Picks

Argument Wars

Try out your persuasive abilities by arguing a real Supreme Court case. The other lawyer is your competition!

After The Storm

Play as editor-in-chief of an online magazine serving a community that has just been hit by a major hurricane.


Engage in ethical decision-making while building arguments, categorizing evidence and analyzing differing viewpoints.


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